Fall Tunic Mash-up with Winter Wear Designs

This week I’m joining in on the Fall Mash-Up fun over at Winter Wear Designs! Mash-ups are a combo of multiple patterns (usually from the same designer) that are mixed together to make an awesome and fabulous new design.

For this mash-up, I was working with the new Day By Day Tunic & Dress, which I recently tested here, and the Squared Away Dress.

fall mash-up   

I took the bodice and lining pieces from the Squared Away pattern, and I used the tunic skirt and the gathered sleeves from the Day By Day to make this gorgeous-ness!  Seriously.  I. LOVE. how this turned out!

fall mash-up        tunic skirt lace

It’s easiest to mash together patterns from the same designer and also keep in mind the type of fabric that is needed.  It’s sometimes difficult to mash a pattern that is made for knits with one that is recommended to use with woven fabrics.  Knits and wovens are two very different beasts, and pattern fit can be very particular for each of these.  When you first try pattern mashing, the easiest way is to find two patterns with a similar fit.  This way the pattern pieces easily coordinate with each other without a large amount of adjustments.

fall tunic         handmade dress

So. What are you waiting for??  Go grab these two patterns and get to mashing!!  They are currently both on sale this week as a bundle pack for $10 (yes, I said TWO awesome patterns for $10!!!).  Go snatch them up HERE!  Be sure to share in the comments if  you make some new amazing-ness!

5 Sewing Tools To Make Your Life Easier!

**this post contains affiliate links that I could make commission off of, but all opinions are my own**

We all have certain sewing tools that we love and feel make our life a little bit easier.

These little whoppers are the things that I use every single time I sew, like EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My hope is that they will save just a shred of your sanity and a bit of your time too!

sewing tools

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Day by Day Tunic/Dress by Winter Wear Designs

The Day by Day Dress is absolutely perfect for a casual outing or can be dressed up for that special event.  It’s a pattern that can take you so many different directions with numerous sleeve options from classic to gathered, or a sweet fluttery bell.  You can give it a vintage vibe with the perfect trim or lace, or you can make it a simple sew that will be perfect for outside play.  Sooooo many options!


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