5 Sewing Tools To Make Your Life Easier!

**this post contains affiliate links that I could make commission off of, but all opinions are my own**

We all have certain sewing tools that we love and feel make our life a little bit easier.

These little whoppers are the things that I use every single time I sew, like EVERY SINGLE TIME.

My hope is that they will save just a shred of your sanity and a bit of your time too!

sewing tools

1.  Sewing Clips aka “Finger Savers”

Seriously, these clips are my top, can’t live without, #1 sewing necessity.  Pins are my evil nemesis…even though I do still have to use them on occasion.  These clips have limited that use by 80% and have kept me from pricking my fingers and bloody disasters!

2.  Fabric Turning Tool aka “Sanity Saver”

So who’s tried turning those teeny tiny dress straps right side out or how about itty bitty doll arms and legs?!  It turns a simple 1-hour project into a 4-hr nightmare from you-know-where.

There are numerous turning tools out there and for heaven’s sake buy one.  It will save you a massive migraine and keep your project from being in the “unfinished” pile for the next eternity.  I’ve even been known to use a straw and a chopstick when I’m in a pinch.  This Dritz one is cheap and comes with 3 different sizes, so it’s usually the go-to in my house, just for ease of use and sanity.

3. Rotary Cutter aka “Time Saver”

This is one of the first sewing tools I bought when I was just beginning to learn my way around the cutting table.  I had enough of trying to chase down layers of fabric with scissors.

Have you ever tried to cut 2 layers of wiggly knit with scissors while holding them up?!  And the chances that both pieces are actually even and the same size is like 1 in 2,945,225.

That’s where the rotary cutter comes in!  You can leave your pieces in place and not have to worry about anything getting too shifty and one piece ending up an inch longer than the other in the end.

I have tried so many brands of these guys, and they all have pros and cons but my personal favorite is the Olfa.  I have a 60mm for most jobs and a 28mm for getting around tighter curves a bit more easily.  Some people love Fiskars, which I like, just not as well as the Olfa.  You can also get off-brand blades at a cheaper price on Amazon (or I’ve heard Harbor Freight has some too).  I will say this can be hit or miss, and I find that those blades sometimes wear down quicker than my name brand ones.



4. GIANT Cutting Mat aka “Mr. Rotary Cutter’s Best Friend”

This is an obvious necessity with the rotary cutter, and they come in multiple sizes.  Initially, I started with a 18″x24,” which is not very helpful when trying to cut out adult clothing.  You might be able to cut out one sleeve, maybe.

My 24″x36″ is my favorite by far, and I eventually made a cutting table and put two of those bad boys together.  So now I can cut out just about anything I need.

Basically if you are making kid’s clothes or small projects, you can go for the smaller one and it will probably be enough.  Otherwise, go big or go home, right??


5. Pattern Weights aka “Stabilizers”

And last but most definitely not least, the third piece of the rotary cutter sandwich that makes it all work like a well-oiled machine…pattern weights.

You can purchase these if you really want to throw some money at them, but I prefer to use any object sitting near me.

For example, one of the kid’s lego builds, a vintage camera from my bookshelf, a can of tomato sauce, the tv remote… you get the idea, right?  If you want to get real fancy, I’ve seen some awesome pattern weights made from large washers you can find at any hardware store.  You can find a great tutorial on pretty-ing them up here.